Texas is Among 17 States with Cases of Eye Fungus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now reviewed dozens of cases of suspected eye fungus. Twenty-eight of those were soft contact lens wearers. Twenty-one of those patients used the same brand of contact lens solution - Bausch and Lomb ReNu with MoistureLoc.

Dr. Gerardo Saldana of The Center for Sight said, "It's still something that's being investigated. There's no concrete link between them. They've had 109 cases reported, 30 have been confirmed."

Bausch and Lomb has voluntarily stopped shipment of its ReNu products while it investigates the possible cause of fungal eye infections in contact lens wearers. If you use ReNu, but are unsure if you should throw out your solution, ask your eye doctor.

"If you wanted to switch solutions, the best thing to do is go see your eye doctor so he can review some information with you and possibly switch your solutions."

No matter what solution you use for your contact lenses, always use good hygiene to avoid eye problems. Clean your lenses regularly and soak them overnight before wearing them. Replace your lens case every three months; use the right products to clean and disinfect your lenses; use fresh solution every day and wash your hands before inserting and removing your contact lenses.

If you have blurred vision, red or irritated eyes, excessive tearing, extreme sensitivity to light, pain or discharge from the eye, go see your eye doctor.