Taking the TAKS Online

by Jessica Cervantez

Eighth graders at Lufkin Middle School are taking the science portion of the TAKS test online. They are the only school in Angelina County taking it by computer.

Principal Vicki Evans was apprehensive at first, but so far, things have gone smoothly.

Evans said, "There are no test booklets, that you have to keep up with, or to misplace, or to have anything happen to. Also, the students, we don't have any problems with students bubbling in the wrong answer."

The students have been preparing for this test all year. And, teachers say they have received positive feedback from the students about the online test.

David McElveen, a teacher, said, "The science test I've witnessed and observed, they are getting it, they are staying focused, and what I've heard is that they are really enjoying it."

Students have also been working on practice TAKS tests, to get ready for more testing next week. Those tests will not be online, but administrators believe it won't be long until all the tests are online.

Evans said, "We are going to see online testing in the future."