Arthur Temple Will Be Missed

by Jessica Cervantez

"I was so shook up, and still am, but I said my goodbyes to Arthur and he knows it."

Joe Denman talks about his good friend Arthur Temple who was like a brother to him. Arthur Temple died Wednesday at the age of 86. Arthur Temple was not only skilled in the world of business, he took pride in helping others.

Arthur Temple celebrated his 86th birthday on Saturday. Friends and family say he lived a full life and accomplished everything he wanted to, many remember him as a loyal man.

Jack Sweeny, CEO of Temple-Inland Forest Product Corp, said, "If you were his friend, then you were always his friend, and because he gave that so freely, he got that back from all of his friends."

His business friends call him opinionated, but affectionate, with a witty sense of humor. And, when it came to business and Temple-Inland, he had high expectations, his motto, "Do it right, and do it right now."

Phillip Leach, a friend, said, "That is how he attended to business in a nutshell, he was one of the greatest business men that I have ever known."

But, even with all his wealth, his riches came from helping others.

Denman said, "He was colorblind, we all were, it didn't matter what the color of your skin was, he was a nice person, and he did his best to make your life better, and he did."

Arthur Temple was widely known as one of the savviest businessmen around. But, even when he made business trips to other parts of the world, he never forgot where he came from.

Buddy Temple, his son, said, "He loved East Texas, and never forgot he was from East Texas."

His legacy will live on, as people continue to be helped by the T.L.L. Temple Foundation, a significant contribution to East Texas.

Charlie Wilson, another friend, said, "Arthur was my hero, and you don't have many heroes."

Visitation services will be held at the Diboll Civic Center Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. The funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Lufkin. Burial services will be held private for close family and friends.