Leaving Work to Protest May Have Consequences

Lufkin High School students who protested against proposed immigration reform got an unexcused absence for the day, but workers in Houston, Tyler, and Detroit have been fired for skipping work to march in pro-immigration rallies.

Maria Kassabaum, managing director for WorkForce Solutions, said, "Some employers have a point system. Some employers [fire workers] after the third day that they do not come into work. If they have an established procedure, then it's going to vary from one employer to another."

Some protestors believe getting fired for missing a day of work is a bit extreme, especially if they have a good work history. Some workers claim they're being discriminated against for fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants, but employers say they're just enforcing their company's rules.

"I think the employer should make the employee aware of the company policy and procedure and I think it's the employee's responsibility to also be aware what the company policy and procedure is."

Some rally organizers are rescheduling protests to weekends and nights to avoid risking their jobs.

Twenty-two workers at a factory in Tyler got fired for not following company policy. The employees skipped work to attend an immigration protest. The company said they did not ask for the day off or give notice they'd be absent.