Arthur Temple Funeral Held

Perhaps not as many attended Arthur Temple's funeral because it is Easter weekend, but if they had come where would they have sat. First United Methodist Church in Lufkin prepared for 2,000 attendees. Just a fraction of the thousands of lives across East Texas Arthur Temple touched. Like the widow of a longtime Temple Inland employee who thought nothing of traveling here from Austin. Miss McDonald said, "Arthur Temple worked with my husband for years. I wanted to be here with his friends. He was a friend of mine."

Temple's funeral service didn't contain eulogies. Those who were there knew his contributions. Hershel Payne from Texarkana met and worked with Temple in the 1950's. "We were all a family at Temple. He was a true friend", said Payne.

The service centered on the Christian spirit. It was fitting for a man who supported civil rights to its fullest in East Texas to have spiritual gospels at his funeral. Rev. Doug Tucker recalled the Palm Sunday service Mr Temple and his wife Ann attended. That afternoon Temple collapsed from a heart attack. Throughout Holy Week Temple struggled for life here on Earth. He died on Wednesday, but the Reverend knew Temple had not been defeated. "Christ has risen indeed. Arthur Temple has risen," he exclaimed.

From First Methodist a final journey was made to Diboll for a private burial. Mr Temple was known by many, but the final goodbyes are best kept with those who knew and loved him best.