Tax Deadline is April 17th

The only vehicles in the Brookshire Brothers parking lot on Frank Street in Lufkin belonged to a few H&R Block employees on Easter Sunday. Employees there were ready to help clients file their taxes.

The only problem, is that they are not expecting anyone to show up.

Elaine Zilik, a senior tax advisor, said, "Possibly someone that has already been in and is going to finish up their return, that is about it."

You only have until Monday to file your taxes. Tax preparers say their busy day was on Friday.

Zilik said, "Normally, the last day is not a zoo, it's just steady. But, this year, so many people though yesterday was the last day, because April 15th is stuck in their heads."

Billie Stone, a tax advisor, said, "We had several clients in the office, I think we did about ten returns, it wasn't hectic, but it was busy."

Their busy time is at the end of January and beginning of February when people are rushing to get their refunds. They are noticing a lot more people are filing online or doing their own taxes. But, tax preparers say the IRS is claiming that there is still a lot of people left to file taxes.

Zilik said, "I think a lot of people that haven't filed, think they owe, and they don't want to know about it. That's what we were having Friday night, people who thought they had a balance due, and a lot of them didn't."

With few clients expected, the employees expect to spend their Easter holiday, passing the time.

Zilik said, "I'll read a book, play with my laptop, or gossip."

Don't forget you have until the end of the day Monday to get your taxes in the mail.