Kay Bailey Hutchison Visits

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's story minute at the East Texas Community Health Services in Nacogdoches promoted the federal program, 'Reach Out and Read'. The public - private program provides books to pre-schoolers whose parents take them to the doctor. The Nacogdoches Kiwanis club supports the program. The idea is a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Senator Hutchison said, "We all know that if a child can read at grade level in the third grade that child is probably going to stay in school, be able to learn and love learning and that is the recommendation for success."

But the senator knows that with inflation going up right along with gas prices that there's less money for families to spend on books. Hutchison's suggestion to solving high energy costs are often found in children's books. Use your imagination. "I think there's a lot of opportunity for thinking outside the box. To make our energy in other ways, especially in ways that can renew themselves such as solar power and wind power," said Hutchison.

Elementary school librarian Angela Faires' job is renewing libraries. She's tickled to have just received $10,000 dollars in federal funds for over 1,000 new books this at a time when state funding is diminishing. "Title money has remained very stable. That is the money we qualify for federal money each year. Local money has dropped recently. I think that's statewide," said Faires. When told that Hutchison responded, "Probably, that is the case because state money is drying up, but it's not the way we want it to be."

It's not the way Texans want it to be for a lot of items. Politicians manage the state and federal budgets, but they must keep their constituents' household budgets in mind. Senator Hutchison handed free books to the children she read to. That will help the family, but it's only a beginning.