Rolling Blackouts

In the Dallas area on Monday the thermometer soared to over 100 degrees breaking an 80 year record. That heat wave had a trickle down affect across most of the state including East Texas. There were rolling blackouts or what the electric suppliers prefer to call temporary curtailments. When power usage outweighs power generation a decision is made to shut down supplies in grids for about 15 minutes.

This may happen again but customers should still call the outage in. TXU delivery manager Mike Aiken said, "Unless they hear otherwise they need to go ahead and call that outage in. If it still doesn't come back on in 30 minutes or so call again." Aiken explained that usually this time of year temperatures are mild enough that people can open their windows. This low usage period is when suppliers conduct maintenance.

On Monday four generating stations were down. The hot weather led to lots of a-c usage and left power companies scrambling.