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04/19/06 - Lufkin

Soaring Gas Prices

by Jessica Cervantez

With the soaring gas prices, consumers are changing how they travel from destination to destination.
Willie Williams, a truck driver from Shreveport, said gas prices are effecting his work.

"They're sky high, you don't get too much on the mile anymore," Williams said.

In fact, when he makes his drive from Shreveport, he has to shop around for the best prices, which is good advice for all consumers. Lately, Williams has had to make changes in his route.

But, Williams is not alone, school districts are feeling the heat, when it comes to setting their transportation budget. Buses must run, so drivers are given some tips to keep their fuel costs down.

Mike Jones, the Lufkin Independent School District transportation director, said, "The bus is the safest way for the kids to get to school in an efficient way, so we haven't considered cutting back our service. We are telling our drivers not to idle the buses."

Consumers should be better drivers as well, driving the speed limit and not making quick brakes can help with gas consumption. It is not uncommon to see unleaded gas sell for $2.89 a gallon, something consumers are not happy about.

Brenda Burran, from Kennard, said, "Gas prices are just outrageous. I just put in $20 of gas and got 6.8 gallons of gas, and that is just terrible."

If you are going to have to drive, make sure your car has a tune-up, that could save you a bit of cash in the long run.

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