NAACP Reaction to Growing Crime in Nacogdoches County

By Larry Little

Crime is on the rise in Nacogdoches county. Leterrick Rodgers is on his way back to prison after authorities say he robbed the Chireno bank yesterday and months ago Germaine Barnes was killed in the parking lot at club La Boom. Several young men were arrested in connection with the crime. These young men have a lot in common. They are young, they're black and they've all found trouble. That's disturbing news to community leaders in Nacogdoches county. "It's very disgusting. It sickens me to hear that on the news or to read about in the newspaper or to go down to the courthouse to see young black men there in court with certain charges," says John Morrison.

John Morrison is this the president of the Nacogdoches county NAACP. He says something has to be done because too many young black men are being lost to crime and prison. "We have to go back to some of the basics. Those basics are the parents have to get involved in the young people lives. The parents have to know what their kids are doing. The churches are going to have to get involved. We are going to have to start educating our kids," says Morrison.

Morrison says educating East Texans as children is a community responsibility. He wants to see young men become a product to society, not a problem to society. Morrison says the NAACP and the community must act now because time is slipping away.