New Orleans Evacuees are Now Lufkin Homeowners

The Salvation Army hosted a house blessing ceremony Friday in Lufkin. Sandra and William Sims lost everything in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They evacuated to Lufkin and lived in a hotel before renting a home with FEMA's help.

The Sims ran into some local contractors while donations started pouring in to the Salvation Army on their behalf, now the family has enough money to buy the home.

Sandra Sims said, "It's like we recuperated; we got everything we lost and some. It's like a blessing from God in disguise."

William Sims said, "It was rough in the beginning and our kids had a lot of stress put on them because we've moved from place to place since Katrina."

The house has five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. They'll share the home with five of their seven children. Someone even donated a Chevrolet Surburban to the family.