STD Awareness in East Texas

By Larry Little

Folks at the Lufkin Faith to Faith Cathedral hope Saturday's health fair will not only bring awareness but put a stop to STDs that are growing at an alarming rate in East Texas. Beverly Chatman spends most days educating East Texans on a very sensitive subject the dangers of STDs. "It's real, it's very prominent. It's an issue we don't like to discuss and people don't talk about a lot, but it is real," says Beverly Chatman.

Beverly says the growing number of STDs cases in East Texas is reality, but education is the key to lower the number of people affected by std's in the future. "People are really not educated and they are not aware of the services that Lufkin has like resources where to go and get tested and if they need information on STDs. It's very important that people do know resources are here in the community for them," says Chatman.

Faith to Faith Cathedral Pastor Carlos Mitchell held the health fair at his church to reach out to the community, hoping to keep at least one person from being infected. He believes abstinence is the ultimate answer to this growing problem. "Abstinence is very important. We teach it in the religious arena. Is the safest thing," says Pastor Carlos Mitchell.

But he knows abstinence won't be the choice for some East Texans so he's not afraid of alternatives to stop the spread of diseases. To get tested for any sexually tranmitted disease contact Health Horizons at 633-7200 or your local health department.