Man Arrested For Eating Dog Gives Interview

Reggie Fountain says he's not the crazy man he is made out to be, but Fountain and family members admit he is the product of a big drug problem in a small town. Ten days ago, Center police arrested Reggie Fountain for eating his dog while the dog was still alive. Some of the pictures are very graphic, but the dog survived and now Reggie Fountain wants people to know he's not crazy. "Well I'm a church going man. Right now I'm not working because they won't hire me anywhere. I'm just mowing a few yards and got a garden going on. Just taking it easy," says Reggie Fountain.

Fountain admits life hasn't been easy and he's turned to drugs, which he blames for his dog eating incident. "I think I got whacked out on that stuff. I know I bit the puppy on the ear but I've got fake teeth, I couldn't have done all of that biting, but that's what they said, so, I don't know," says Fountain.

But what Fountain does know is he now has to deal with more than a drug problem. Mr. Fountain could be sent to jail for a few years for his bizarre crime but family members say jail is not the answer. "My brother Reggie Fountain needs some help he didn't know what he was doing," says Wanda Fountain Hill.

"See that's what crack cocaine, embalming fluid, and PCP do for you. It alters your mind. He's not a murderer or a thief and you know all of us have done wrong. What we need to do is try to help him," says Reggie's sister who requested we not use her name.

The family disagrees with the district attorney who wants Fountain to get a the maxium sentence for animal abuse. They say putting someone in jail is not solving Center's drug problems. Fountain says he wants to get sober and he apoligizes. "I'm real sorry for what happen. I feel bad about and I want my puppy back," says Fountain.

The case is expected to be sent the District Attorney's office later this week. Fountain is under the close watch of family members until they can get him under a doctor's care.