Family is Angry About Intoxicated Driver's Sentence

"I hope and I pray to God that if he got out, he'd let me do it; maybe run up on him on the street one day and it'll be settled," said Eddie Bryan. "I'll take care of it."

Eddie Bryan's little sister, Stacey, died in a wreck almost two years ago. Now, Samuel Herrington has pleaded guilty to intoxicated manslaughter. He'll serve three years in prison.

Stacey's mother, Debra Bryan, said, "I can understand an accident. Things happen; I can forgive something like that, but a person driving on cocaine, alcohol, I cannot."

The Angelina County D.A.'s office said it was hard to prove Herrington was impaired the night of the deadly wreck. There was no cocaine present in his body, but a blood test showed metabolized cocaine in his system. That means he could have gotten high more than 24 hours before the crash.

Lynn Bryan called his daughter "a very competitive kid. She loved track and field. She liked to run and she was just full of energy, looking forward to this year."

Almost two years after her death, Stacey's mom still has a spot saved on the wall for her graduation photo. A graduation that will never come.

"I promised when I buried her that I would see that he paid for it and he didn't," said Debra. "It was not paid for."

Now the Bryan Family has a message for all drunk drivers and substance abusers.

"Know that whenever you get behind the wheel, doing whatever you're doing, that not only are you putting your life on the line, but you're putting innocent people's lives on the line," said Stacey's brother, Tim.

Stacey was a basketball and track star at Zavalla High School. She would have graduated this year.

Troopers said the wreck happened when she signaled to make a right turn on a Zavalla highway, but suddenly turned left just as Herrington tried to pass her in a no-passing zone.