Some County Leaders Want to Boycott Gas Stations

Some Texas county officials are fed up with skyrocketing gas prices and now they're planning to take action. County leaders are ready to boycott their local gas stations until the cost of gas drops significantly.

Angelina County authorities use a lot of fuel responding to emergencies and transporting inmates across the state. Right now, the sheriff's office spends $14,000 a month on fuel.

Sheriff Kent Henson said, "Unfortunately, in our business, we gotta go. Somebody calls, we've gotta provide a service. We're required by law to do that and so we gotta go with it. One of the commissioners asked me the other day, 'what are you gonna do about the fuel'? I told him I don't have anything to do with the price of fuel. I don't control that."

The county is exempt from federal sales tax, but not state sales tax. Sheriff Henson said that exemption would save the department about 30 cents on each gallon of fuel.