Many Drivers Want to Fight Prices at the Pump

A recent decline in the nation's gasoline inventories is being blamed for unbelievably high gas prices, but some drivers want to fight back. Many motorists, and even some county officials in Texas, are talking about boycotting their local gas stations until the cost of fuel becomes more affordable.

Katlyn Brown said, "I don't really feel it's going to do that good because we need gas. We're gonna buy that gas anyways. They know this and they know that they can charge us what they really want to because we can't function without buying gas."

Service station cashiers hear their customers complain about gas prices every day, but remember, they have no control over what you pay at the pump.

Chevron employee, Brooke Dicks, said, "They think that we have a lot to do with that, but we have nothing to do with that. The employees are struggling as much as everybody else is."

Steadily rising prices are especially hard on struggling East Texas students.

"We commute from Nacogdoches [to Lufkin]," said Maegan Gibson. "I ride with my friend a lot of the time, but still, it used to take me about $25 to fill up my tank, but now, it's pushing $40."

But boycotting probably won't get gas prices to drop.

Dicks said, "It would affect our business. We would lose a lot of customers, but as far as gas prices going down, it might change, but it's no way that we can tell."

If you're waiting for prices at the pump to plummet, you may be waiting for a while. They're expected to go up even higher through the summer months.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Texas is now $2.83. San Antonio has the cheapest gas in the state at $2.76 per gallon.