It's Prom Weekend for Many East Texas Schools

It's prom weekend for many East Texas students and parents and teachers are spreading the word about drunk driving dangers.

Hudson High School students got a graphic lesson of what can happen if they make bad choices on prom night. They listened to a mother's plea about drunk driving.

Cindy Parish lost her nephew four years ago to a drunk driver. The Diboll student was only 17 when he died.

"I promised to him that I would always make sense of a senseless accident. If I can speak to some kids and get them to be aware that these things happen, then I've saved someone's life," Parish said.

The students also watched a slide presentation on the real dangers of driving drunk.

Trooper Greg Sanches said, "This young generation now is so used to seeing so much, so reality is the big key word."

The presentation showed teenagers hurt or killed in real wrecks involving alcohol.