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04/28/06 - Lufkin

Authorities Confirm Drug Problems in North Lufkin

by Larry Little

There is a growing concern about the Brandon Park area in north Lufkin.  It's a well known trouble spot to residents and authorities.  "The problems we are facing in our area are devastating. We got gambling going on in our park. If you really want to know the truth, we got some prostitution late at night in our park. We got dope selling in our park and a lot of harassment going on in our park," says Reverend Robert Johnson.

Reverend Johnson has experienced troubles at the park first hand. "My family and I were having a birthday party at the park for my sister in law and a major fight developed amongst some women. It escalated to about 40 women. People were all on top of the cars," says Johnson.

Friday afternoon in Brandon Park, everything looked normal. The children were out playing, but folks who live in the north Lufkin neighborhood say it's at night when things get out of hand. We went to north Lufkin at night. We saw folks hanging out, women lingering on street corners and some even standing in the middle of the street, trying to stop us as we drove by. Brandon Park closes at 10:00 p.m., but draws a large after hours crowd. Authorities confirm the area has problems. "There is a drug problem around Brandon Park. There is no question about that," says Lt. David Young with the Lufkin Police Department.

Lt. Young admits just dealing with what happens at Brandon Park is a real problem. "There is a limit to what patrol officers can do. They just can't stop someone with undo reason. You have to have a reasonable suspicion to stop a person and you have to have a probable cause to search a person."

For now Lufkin police are asking residents in north Lufkin to help them make the area safer by reporting suspicious activity. Residents, Greater Shiloh church, and the East Texas Minister's Alliance is expected to meet with the city council to try and combat problems in north Lufkin.

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