Protest Planned in Response to Immigration Rallies

"What I am against is the illegals here in America and the fact that they were allowed to walk in our streets and tell us what rights they were to be allowed," said Carolyn Hileman.

Hileman is ready to respond to immigrant rallies. She's organizing a protest for this weekend in Lufkin so she, and other Americans, can speak out against illegal immigration and unsecure borders.

"That is throwing our laws back in our face," said Hileman. "We raised our children to be law abiding citizens and they're watching these people just totally destroy our laws and I can't allow that to go unanswered."

Hileman and her friend, Sandra Scroggins, call themselves Pro Americans, not anti-immigrants. They believe anyone who lives here should be legal, law abiding, and loyal citizens.

Scroggins said, "They don't learn our language. Even here in the city of Lufkin, there's businesses going up that's written only in Spanish. You can get the idea that it's a restaurant, but you don't know what it's saying or what they're selling. It just doesn't feel like they want to Americanize, if you will."

Scroggins knows all Americans are immigrants, but she wants everyone to be legal and adapt to the American culture.

Saturday's rally will be held in conjunction with other Pro America rallies across the country opposing illegal immigration.

Scroggins said, "They want the citizenship, but what have they done to do it? They haven't learned our language; they just want all these rights and then hold up Mexican flags in our country. That is an insult to me."

Pro America organizers want to make sure everyone knows, Saturday's rally is for citizens of the United States only. For more information, call (936) 634-2272.

The Pro America rally is set for Saturday at 9:00 a.m. It'll be held at Jones Park in Lufkin. The protest ends at noon.