Companies Re-open After Being Boycotted

Several businesses in East Texas were closed Monday. The owners shut the doors so employees could take part in the protest against federally proposed immigration reform.

Morales Cafe, La Unica, and Taqueria Lindo in Lufkin all have a mostly Hispanic staff. Like millions of other spanish workers across the country, those employees were given the day off to march against proposed immigration changes.

The manager at Taqueria Lindo said he did not shut down because money would be lost during the business boycott, but Antonio Huerta wanted to give his employees a chance to voice their concerns.

Huerta said, "We closed because all the workers wanted to participate in the march and so we cannot do business without workers."

The restaurant has about a dozen employees. Closing the store cost the business thousands of dollars, but Huerta is proud his workers marched in the protest.