Viewers Respond To Immigration

Here are a few ideas we've received from viewers about immigration. Some of the content in the replies may have been edited for grammar.

"I don't blame them.  If my family needed help I would cross over any border.  Life is too short to worry about things like "this land is my land."  We need to learn to share."

"Immigrants who are here to follow the dream of a better life that want to become an American should be given that opportunity.  Those that do not want to become a citizen should be sent home."
     -T.G., Lufkin

"I don't think we can fix immigration problems.  The fix will have to start in the country they are coming from."
     -B.H., Lufkin

"This is not an immigration problem, it is an illegal alien problem.  The only way to deal with it is to deport and secure the borders."

-L.B., Huntington

"I believe we should start by putting our National Guard on the border.  Next, get toughter on employers that hire illegal aliens and develop a system to ensure that potential employees can't slip through with fake documentation.
     -S.B., Lufkin

"They are breaking the law by entering the country.  What we have is a lot of law makers with no backbone to enforce the laws we have on the books.  I say send all of them back that are not legal and fine employers that are working them."
     -H.D., Lufkin

"I think only legal immigrants should be allowed to stay in America.  there are immigrants that use two names to beat the system.  They work under one name and get government benefits under another name.  That makes them criminals."
     -O.R., Nacogdoches

"I've been watching American dollars paid to illegal immigrants in cash and then turned into money orders ands sent to Mexico to the illegal's family.  Those are dollars that no taxes have been paid on and money that is being taken out of our system and sent out of the country."
     -P.H., Nacogdoches

"Let legal immigrants stay.  Make the registration process not take so long.  Require and enforce the necessity of registrationfor working in the U.S."
     -A.F., Nacogdoches

"Deport the 29% of all illegal aliens from our prison population.  Amend the 14th amendment to not five citizenship papers to newborns without at least one parent being legal.  Stop giving free medical without proof of citizenship. Stop giving drivers license without proof.  Do not give home or car loans without citizenship or proper papers. Make it hard on the employer who employ illegal aliens.  Give power to the police to hand them over to the INS.  Put a heavy tax on all money being sent out of country.  For the ones who have been here and have a solid work records, no police records and can speak English well enough to pass a simple test, speed up the process and make them citizens.  No free passes for their entire family without them going through the proper process as well."
     -P.F., Huntington