Hurricane Drill Has Lufkin Prepared

Things seemed all too real in the emergency operations center in Lufkin. It was only a drill, but it was serious business.

Emergency Management Coordinator Kenneth Williams said, "A hurricane is going to strike the Texas coast. There's going to be an evacuation of the Texas coast. A lot of the issues for us will include traffic control, Lufkin is still a shelter hub, but won't be designated as a special needs center."

The team looked at maps to figure out traffic flow plans for Highway 59 to Lufkin. The fuel issue was also a hot topic.

Williams said, "The plan is to make sure all the gas stations are filled up in the evacuating areas first, and then work along the evacuation routes, and then provide relief to tankers."

It wasn't long ago when these key players were in the same situation, dealing with a real hurricane. And they know, it could happen again.

Lt. David Young, of the Lufkin Police Department, said, "Hurricane season starts on June 1st, and we want to be prepared."