National Internet Gas Boycott Campaign

No matter where you go in East Texas gas prices are pretty expensive. You'll pay $2.81 a gallon for regular unleaded at a gas station on Frank street and just down the road the price gets higher. East Texas drivers are growing tired of high gas prices. "Just like everyone else I think the gas prices are too high right now so I just try to go directly to work and home because we have to cut down on the price," says Barbara Thompson. "You can get gas in Marshall for 2.46. Why is it in Lufkin we are paying more? I'm tired of it. I travel all over the United States, I work construction," says Carol Mann.

Carol Mann thinks it's time for consumers to take a stand. "I think people need to say hey enough is enough," says Mann.

A webmaster in California agrees with Carol and last Friday he started a national gas boycott campaign with his "" website. He says more than 20,000 people have already viewed the site. "Most grassroots efforts are not successful because they want people to do something. We are not asking people to do anything. Our campaign is not asking people to vote or write your congressman just stay at home on Sunday," says Patrick Rule.

Other sites like this one are also popping up on the net. But for now, all many drivers can do, is make sacrifices.

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