Pro American Rally or Racist Rally

by Larry Little

Only about 25 people showed up at the Pro American rally at Jones Park but the folks that showed up were sending a very strong message against illegal immigration. This Pro American group were small in number but sending a big message against illegal immigration.

Saturday afternoon a few East Texans fed up with illegals wanting amnesty gathered in Lufkin at Jones park to stand up for what they say is right. Many of them stood, holding signs with very strong messages as cars drove by.

"Our kids are raised to obey the law. Our kids do that, but these people are out there shoving their laws down our throats. They say the laws don't apply to them, but they do and even our governor and mayor are turning their heads and letting them break the law," says Carolyn Hileman.

"If we break our laws in our country we are criminals. They should be too. They just need to go back to their country, because they are ruining ours," says Karen Cooley.

Organizers say Saturday's rally is just the start of their fight against illegal immigration in East Texas