Mayor Responds to Pro American Group

This Pro American rally at Jones Park in Lufkin Saturday shows illegal immigration is a heated issue locally. Some folks in East Texas are starting to point fingers. Those fingers are pointing at the mayor of Lufkin. Some of the signs at the rally Saturday morning weren't about illegal immigration.  There were signs questioning the mayor's alliance with them.  There were also comments directed at the mayor of Lufkin. "They are saying the laws don't apply to us and pretty much the governor and the mayor are turning their head and letting them break the law," says rally organizer, Carolyn Hileman.

Sunday afternoon the mayor shared his feelings on illegal immigration. "We need to stop those immigrants at the border, but once they arrive in our community. The city has to take them in," says Mayor Louis Bronaugh.

Responding to supporters of the rally, who questioned the mayor's presence at their Pro American rally, the mayor told East Texas news where he was Saturday. "I was at the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Kiwanis Park," says Bronaugh.

Mayor Bronaugh says he didn't know about the rally and he wouldn't have attended if he did because of ideas like this one. "They just need to go back to their country because they are ruining ours," says Karen Cooley. "Once they arrive in our community. We need to treat them as visitors if they are legal or illegals," says Bronaugh.

The mayor says his hopes are that illegals in the city become legal.