Some East Texans are Worried About Getting Gas-Jacked

It costs Donna Willis more than $500 dollars to fill up her big rig on the road. She spent a few extra bucks on gas cap locks to make sure no one steals her fuel.

"I think it was $70 a piece, good investment," said Willis. "My company gives me a surcharge and it helps a lot, but it's hard, it's very hard because you still got the maintenance things on the truck."

Even O'Reilly Auto Parts has been hit by gas thieves. Several company trucks have been broken into for their fuel.

Jamie Wideman, sales specialist, said, "[At] some of the locations, they've actually cut fuel lines to drain the tanks [and get] fuel from the vehicles."

Gas locks aren't the only items flying off store shelves. There are plenty of other products that will help you get the most out of your mileage.

"Your injector cleaners, your octane which is gonna help pick up on your fuel economy; also your high flow air filters - [customers are] changing [them] more often as they should be."

Regular auto maintenance like oil changes and clean air filters will also help you get good gas mileage.

Different products have different results, so before you buy air filters or any other maintenance product for your vehicle, make sure you're getting what's best for your car.

The average cost for regular self-serve gasoline in Texas is now $2.86 per gallon, that is lower than the national average. Nationwide, gas prices now average about $2.92 per gallon for basic unleaded.

Crude oil prices have been dipping recently, so drivers should see more price decreases in the short term, but long-term prospects remain unknown.

The cheapest prices in Texas are in Corpus Christi at an average of $2.75 per gallon. The most expensive gas is in Dallas at $2.94 per gallon.