Time To Review Pool Safety Rules

Swimming is a popular pastime and as the temperatures warm up you'll see more people in the pool. Swimming pools look so inviting, but before diving in it's important for owners to visit a reputable pool supply store. We chose Shannon's Pools.

Pool experts can help you balance all those chemicals and algaecides by dismissing old rules of thought. Co-owner Deanna McCollum said, "If a little is good than a lot is better. In pool chemical analysis that is not true. That is one area you want to be precise."

After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita many pools are green. "My advice. Drain it. Start all over. Water is a whole lot cheaper than trying to chemically move a pool back to basically a swamp to crystal clear water," said McCollum.

Never jump in a pool if you can't see the bottom. And thanks to new inventions there are fewer stories about people being sucked in through the drain. "What they have come up with now is a drain called an anti vortex. The cover is solid. The sides have the round [openings] where the water flows through.it will be hard for a kid to cover this entire thing for suction," explained McCollum.

Floatation devices seem to be getting better too. Little swimsuits for infants to toddlers have Styrofoam inserts that can be removed as the child gets older. But remember floaties of any kind aren't lifesaving devices. You still need to keep a constant watch on the kids. That means keeping gates closed and locked when the pool isn't in use.

You also want to keep a close watch on temperature. On hot summer days pool water can get too hot. You don't want it over 98 degrees. Adding fresh water can help bring the temperature down.