Deadline Approaching for Medicare Plan Enrollment

You only have until next Monday to sign-up for the new medicare prescription drug plan.

Millions of Americans have enrolled in the program so far. It is designed to help you save money when it comes to your prescription drugs. Booths have been set-up at various locations around East Texas to give more information to seniors.

Many seniors say they are saving money using the plan. But, there are drawbacks for others.

Angela Burson, a certified pharmacy tech, said, "Some people that aren't on a lot or prescriptions, you know you have to figure out and do the math and see if it would save you in the long run. Because some of these prescriptions are written for a 90-day supply, and some of these plans won't let a 90 day plan go through, only a 30-day."

Once the May 15th deadline passes, you will not be able to enroll into a plan until November and you will pay higher premiums.