Alcohol and Adolescents Don't Mix

Every year around prom and graduation season, East Texas high school students get an up close and personal look at Shattered Dreams. The mock drunk driving wreck always has an unforgettable impact on parents and their kids.

Sophomore Kolby Oliver said, "Usually in assemblies, everybody's all laughing and making fun of it, but nobody was really laughing. It was kind of sad. Everybody was kind of quiet and focused."

The wreck is just like the real thing. The drunk driver actually goes to jail and gets booked in. The wreck victims actually go to the hospital where their parents show up and learn the bad news.

Shea Ellington said, "It's very real. I'm a substitute teacher here, so I know these kids that were in the car [hit by the drunk driver] and it's very heartbreaking for me to see them because it could be true."

Thousands of dollars go into making Shattered Dreams as realistic as possible. The cost is about $25,000 per school, but organizers know no amount of money can undo the damage driving drunk can do.