Teacher of the Year

Every year Wal Mart puts out a ballot box in many communities asking patrons to vote for a local teacher of the year. For the second year in a row a teacher from the Central Heights School District has received the honor.

Debra Sitton Jones got the surprise during her office hour. Her second graders got to tell her. Upon learning the news Sitton Jones exclaimed, "Wow this is great isn't it?" Great because the school receives a $1,000 check. Central Heights Elementary plans to use the money to purchase new books. The school has a popular accelerated reading program.

But noone is more thankful for a teacher like Sitton Jones than her students. Kayla Moore jumped off a swing at recess and said, "She helps me pick out good books and she's a really good teacher to me." Aaron Broadway said, "Like if I don't get it, all I got to do is go up there and she'll explain it how." Another second grader simply said, "She's just a fun teacher."

This achievement is a result of dedication. "Our school is fantastic. It's easy to work hard here," said Sitton Jones.

Central Heights school sets on the land where Sitton Jones great great grandparents once lived. Following generations benefited from the school house that Sitton Jones has taught in for the last 20 years. Her formula for a good teacher comes from the heart. "Loving the kids and wanting the best for them and we share that philosophy here at the school we love our children and we want the best for their future and we work hard for that everyday."