Max Alamo Runs For Mayor

Max Alamo has a Texas name, but he's a native Peruvian living the American Dream. "It's easy to serve rich people, but I'm for poor people because myself I came to this country with $100, but I'm living the American Dream," said Alamo.

Alamo and his brothers run successful businesses. Insurance and construction are the largest. The family is proud of numerous homes they've built in the Brookhollow Subdivision. Alamo said, "We're spending more time talking with our family how we can do houses. How we can attract newcomers to the area."

New homes are important, but rebuilding is Alamo's love. "This is the north side," said Alamo as he walked down a shaded street lined with older frame homes. He stops at a two story home with fresh paint. "This house 3 years ago was using for drugs, for prostitution." Alamo bought and remodeled it. He also built new homes down the block. "I want to improve this place. I want to make beautiful this place like Crown Colony or Brookhollow because we can start one by one."

But Alamo wants home ownership to be a privilege, not a burden. Alamo said, "Taxes terrible here in Lufkin. Taxes, taxes. Nobody talks about taxes. Nobody like taxes. If I be mayor I will reduce 20% every year." Alamo is critical of the current administration claiming it focuses on new interstates rather than new streets. Alamo claims, "We left all the issues. He put all his energy for 18 years talking 69, 69. That's hollow."

Alamo says there are more immediate needs like parks. He opened a private soccer field that attracts several hundreds on the weekends.

Alamo's attraction to the working poor is influenced by 25 years as a minister. He holds degrees in political science and theology after coming to America on a scholarship. The people call Alamo the protector. Many in the north side neighborhood know him well. Alamo said, "If I be mayor I'll be best mayor, popular mayor because I speak both languages. I speak English. I speak Spanish, plus I have love for people. I think that makes difference."