Mayor Bronaugh Plans to be Re-elected

Lufkin voters first elected Louis Bronaugh as mayor in 1988. Eighteen years later, the former boxing coach and optician has no plans to retire from his post.

Revitalizing downtown Lufkin and improving the city's streets, parks, police, and fire departments are just some of his many accomplishments, but Bronaugh is proudest of his ability to keep the peace among city leaders.

"They're seven of us on the council," said Bronaugh. "We work as a team. One individual can't do anything, he may influence the move, but we do work as a team."

Bronaugh believes he has succeeded where even some of the larger cities have failed. Many East Texas governments have a deficit because of debris cleanup and taking in thousands of storm victims after hurricanes Katrina and Rita last fall, but Lufkin set aside enough reserves to keep the city in the black.

Bronaugh said being prepared comes from experience and relationships built over the years.

"I have a great deal of influence in Austin and Washington, D.C. That, you acquire through tenure, rather than just walk in and create those situations in Austin and Washington, D.C."

He believes that experience helps him deal with all situations both nationally and close to home. Something on his mind now is the heated debate about proposed immigration reform.

"It's important to the city that you stop the illegal immigration at the border. Once they're up here, then we must deal with them. The laws of the city and Angelina County, we'll deal with here in the City of Lufkin.:"

Bronaugh is also proud of the recently founded Lufkin Alliance of Neighborhood Associations, a group of several neighborhoods working together to improve their quality of life.

You can vote for the mayoral candidate of your choice in the city election Saturday in Lufkin. The polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.