Center Man Killed with Hammer

A Center man was killed when he was hit in the head with a hammer. But authorities say this happened after his rage nearly cost another man his life. "Ain't no need of dying over a woman and she ain't yours and you ain't married or nothing like that. I'm not taking any sides but you shouldn't die for that," says Cedric Ross.

Friends of Bruce Edwards are still trying to make sense of a senseless act, they believe cut his life short. "Bruce was a cool dude. He was alright. He didn't bother nobody. He didn't do nothing to nobody," says Keeyon Bennette.

Tuesday authorities say that was not the man who fired several shots at Harry Stansbury. Stansbury was doing yard work at Edward's ex-girlfriend's Center home. Bruce Edwards missed Stansburry and started re-loading his gun when Stansburry hit him in the head with the hammer. "I was shocked cause I'd just seen him. We talked, yeah I was shocked," says Ross.

Authorities detained Stansbury but he was never taken to jail. Mr Stansbury's case will go before the grand jury in Shelby County, but the DA says from looking at the evidence, she doesn't expect him to be charged with anything. "Mr Stansbury is not a person I would consider to be in trouble so he is not someone I would have expected to have this kind of problem, but it seems like this is leaning toward self defense," says Shelby County District Attorney Lynda Russell.

Cedric Ross believes the death should be a wake up call for the Center community. "We just need to start thinking about what we are doing. It's the family members that are going to be hurting on either side because someone is going to jail or to the graveyard, it's a loss," says Ross.

Authorities are waiting on the results of an autopsy to determine if Bruce Edwards had drugs in his system.