Municipal Election Returns

It looks as if the City of Lufkin will have a new mayor. After 18 years in office, incumbent Louis Bronaugh was unseated by challenger Jack Gorden, Jr. Gorden received 1553 votes while Bronaugh received 872 votes. Max Alamo, who also ran in the race, received 36 votes.

Incumbent Nacogdoches Commissioner Mary Cartwright has been defeated. Her challenger, Travis (Tony) Morris received 220 votes, while Cartwright received 40 votes. So, Tony Morris will be the new Nacogdoches Southeast ward commissioner.

Corrigan Mayor Grimes Fortune will retain his seat as he wins with 227 votes. Challenger Robert (Dooley) Johnson received 116 votes, and write-in candidate Franz Baldwin received 86 votes.

Corrigan council position 2 goes to Benito Gonzalez with 191 votes, while Kathy Rushing received 150 and Roy Price got 97.

Corrigan council position 4 goes to Deidre Bryan Cornelius with 251 votes... challenger Patricia Woods Walker gets 166.