Residents are Angry About Planned Neighborhood Addition

Some East Texans are angry about a planned addition to their community. They're trying to stop a drug and alcohol treatment center from being built in their neighborhood.

The residents of Foster Road in Angelina County were scheduled to meet Monday with the board of directors for the Seasons of Hope Center. They want the board to explain its Christ-centered rehabilitation program and how it plans to help substance abusers overcome their addictions.

Linda Templeton said, "We have a problem with it because we understand there's not going to be any security; that there's going to be co-ed dormitories - we have a problem with that - and that we're just concerned that someone may leave the property if it's not well supervised."

Foster Road residents also believe the construction of the facility was kept from them on purpose.

Belinda Watson said, "I'm curious about why was it so secret? Why did they not do it publicly? We've got a lot of new families coming in. We have families that have bought and built homes in the past year. They weren't expecting something like this and they're going to be young families, there's going to be young children."

Foster Road is located just north of Hudson.