Border Security

National Guard Recruit Sgt. Patrick Rendon has already heard a lot of talk about President Bush's speech Monday night. He thinks it is a good idea to send members of the national guard to help tighten up the borders.

Sgt. Rendon said, "Our primary mission is to help our community whether it be in West Texas, East Texas or in North Texas. We're in a supporting role as far as it goes, my understanding is to help to train, help to build certain areas as far as roads and things of that nature. We will kind of do a lot of infrastructure work, so to speak, to get those civilian counterparts working to get the job done."

Others agree with Sgt. Rendon, like 22-year-old Raul Molina. Raul and his family came to the states from El Salvador five years ago. Now, they own a successful business. Molina wants to see immigrants come to the states legally, by going through the proper procedures.

Molina said, "They wouldn't even have to put national guards. We were talking in government class, they can just move the bases, like military bases over there and that would be plenty of security. Move the military bases just south of the border, that would be a pretty good idea too."

It is still unclear exactly when the national guard members will be assigned to border patrol, and how long they will stay. For now, East Texas guard members can only wait until those questions are answered.

Sgt. Rendon said, "We're equipped to support whatever the president wants us to do, going through the governor as well, we stand ready to do whatever we have to do."