Somebody's Gotta Do It: Massage therapist

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Her clients call her "Angel Hands." She's a registered Massage Therapist who feels like she's the luckiest woman in the world. Why? Because she has a career that she says is more fun than work.

Her name is Marie Anderson Sell. She's been in business for 13 years. "I don't think of it as a job. I don't think I have a job. I would do this for free and people actually pay me money to do what I want to do and I get the best people," says Sell. "I'll do it in every massage and if it tells me what I need to know, which is that this muscle is OK, then I can just move straight on ahead into the next thing."

Advice from her mother put her on this career path. "She said Marie go get a massage, you'll feel better. And I finally did. It was after she had died, but I went and got a massage. Then I went to massage therapy school."

The first massage technique she learned was Swedish Massage. She has since expanded her knowledge and added several more techniques to her skills. She says no two massages are the same. "I always integrate them because I've never done the same massage twice. Every time you work it's a different massage. When I work on a lot of professional people many times they've been working 80 hour weeks and that really and truly is the first reason, then you get people who have back pain,,things like that." "See, I'm working on his hand because I can feel when I move right in here. This is a subtle movement but I can feel right in here where the joint is not functioning properly. So, I'll work on it then I work to get all of the congestion within the muscle so it will move around."

Some call it an art, others call it therapy, no matter the name, clients say it's worth it. "Don't get me wrong, like everybody else I get tired, but there's something about massage gives me back more than it takes from me. I know I'm doing what God intended I should do. "I always check range of motion. What's going on with the muscle and see all of these charts back here? The reason I use them they're all medically oriented and I have medical text here. You have to keep learning."

"See I pull it back in the opposite direction and I only pull until I can feel the muscle begin to resist. If you pull too far and you don't pay attention to what the body is telling you, you could hurt someone."

"You know, if all I had to do was touch people I'd have it made, but besides touching people you also have to do the laundry, you have to do the paperwork, ah you see there I found that place, and I have to be observant, you do the paperwork and then you do all the follow up and after I work on a client I make sure that on the form I get their telephone number and I'll call them tomorrow and I'll say how do you fee? How did you do?"

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