Family Uses Psychic For Clues In Locating Missing Person

Frustration with a dead end investigation and watching 'Psychic TV' led Lavita Wheeler to her own Internet psychic. Wheeler reads from an Internet message. "I do feel Mike coming through very strong at times." Lavita believes the vibes are from her brother, Michael Wheeler. The 35 year old has been missing since 2003. Lavita believes he was murdered, so implies her psychic.

Wheeler reads another message."It all happened so fast and one minute they were arguing and the next moment he saw a bunch of outstretched arms calling him. He thought, 'Cool. There really is a a heaven."

Freda Wheeler believes her missing husband's spirit was caught on a surveillance videotape taken in their front yard. She points to a blurry image that reminds one of an ultrasound picture of an unborn child. "Right here is his arms. There's his hair line right there and his facial hair. And we had a couch there," Freda pointed out. The 8 hour recording was watched as it happened by Kimberly Greenwood. "Nobody was out there. The dog was sitting there, quite as could be and you go back to the bedroom and there he was still there."

The psychic communication is free. Trust has developed. Lavita says the psychic knew of occurrences that no one else knew about. The psychic has requested personal items of Michael's in order to improve their connection. The family is sending a photograph taken in 2002 and a green flannel sweat shirt, a Christmas gift from his mother.

A map from the psychic leading to Michael's possible location will be followed. Too many connections and most of all interest in the case encourages the family. Wheeler said, "I'm convinced."

Some law enforcement agencies have utilized psychics, but most do not. Local investigators say they have few leads in the case. The Wheelers would like for them to spend more time on the case, with or without a psychic.