Saving Lives in Angelina County

You can help save three lives for every single donation of blood.

The Angelina County Medical Alliance, which is made up of physician's wives, teamed up with the Blood Center of East Texas to get you to donate blood.

Especially, with the summer months, more families will be traveling, which means the possibility for car accidents increases. Also, many doctors will be performing elective surgeries during the summer.

Their goal was to get twenty donors.

Stephanie Huber, who is the president of the Angelina County Medical Alliance, said, "The blood that is given in Angelina County through the Blood Center of East Texas stays in Angelina County, it stays here in Lufkin. It is not sent to Tyler or any other of the surrounding areas, so you can rest assure that whatever is given here, will stay here and be utilized here."

The alliance works in the community to help raise money for medical and nursing scholarships.