East Texas Mom Wants Justice

Mother's day wasn't the same for Jaqueline Sterns. "Mother's day wasn't like Mother's day. It was very hard,"says Jacqueline Sterns.

It's been three months since Jaqueline's son Germaine Barnes was gunned downed in the parking lot at club La Boom in Nacogdoches county. "It's been a devastating three months. I did well at the funeral but it like seems two or three day after that I have been going through. It may look like I'm doing okay, but I'm not. The loss of my son's life has caused me to feel like he's gone, I want to go," says Sterns.

Jaqueline says it doesn't help matters that all the suspects in her son's murder bonded out of jail. "It's very hurtful I was like why aren't these people in jail? Why aren't they getting punished for what they did to my son? It has caused my family a tremendous amount of pain," says Sterns. Jacqueline believes the owners of club La Boom are also responsible for her pain. We tried to reach the manager for comment Wednesday afternoon, but the property manager did not return our phone call.

East Texas News was informed club La Boom is facing more troubles. Just this week, the TABC opened an investigation into many possible code violations at club La Boom, including being a danger to the community. Jaqueline Sterns is also meeting with an attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the club, but she knows nothing can bring her son back.

Autopsy results showed Germaine Barnes did not have any alcohol or drugs in his system when he was gunned down. Authorities say this case could take 2 to 3 years before the family gets any justice.