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Smile Lines


These prominent aging lines running from the corner of the nose to the outer area of the lips can be more prominent in some people. Up until now, filler treatment for this area of the face was short-lived. Now, the nasolabial folds can be successfully treated with Radiesseā„¢ injected into the deep dermis, with much longer lasting results.

A recently published independent studies, Kanchwala (et. al.) , comparing Radiesse and three other soft-tissue fillers for facial-volume augmentation recommended Radiesse as the preferred filler for augmenting nasolabial folds. The longevity of Radiesse was rated as excellent, averaging 11 months. On the other hand, Restylane and Hylaform lasted only 4.5 months and 3 months respectively. In addition, investigators concluded that Radiesse is a cost-effective option in treating nasolabial folds due to its overall longevity. Published independent studies show that a typical treatment for nasolabial folds lasts approximately one year to 18 months, with an occasional touchup recommended.

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