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Contouring - BEFORE Contouring - BEFORE
Contouring - AFTER Contouring - AFTER
Mental Crease - BEFORE Mental Crease - BEFORE
Mental Crease - AFTER Mental Crease - AFTER

Re-shaping and contouring to create a more defined chin is an easy in-office procedure. Radiesseā„¢ has also been used very effectively to augment a weak chin and is a non-surgical option to a chin implant. The result is a smoother, firmer chin that complements your other facial features.

Mental Crease

For deep mental creases that form under the bottom lip, Radiesse can successfully augment this deep indentation without invasive surgery. And since studies have shown that the filler substance does not migrate from the site of injection, you can rest assured that surrounding tissue will not be affected. Published independent studies show that a typical treatment for mental creases lasts approximately 9-12 months, with no recommended touchup prior to that time.

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