Pilot Recycling Program

Blue recycling bags are now a fairly common sight in Nacogdoches, but they can't be found at apartment complexes because the city won't pickup in the complexes. That sends a lot of trash to landfills. Apartments managers would like to see that change.

University Hill Apartments will participate in a pilot apartment recycling program in Nacogdoches. Ray Morris, the complex manager and the incoming president of the Pineywoods Apartment Association says apartments want to be in the recycling loop. "I've done it for 10-12 years now. I got in the habit of doing it and didn't want it to stop cause I really thought it was great for the environment," said Morris.

Having a recycle project in an apartment complex is not just to save the environment, but it's also to save money. Each time one of these dumpsters is filled the complex is charged. Morris explained, "We have 5 dumpsters picked up twice a week. Eight cubic yards. If I can cut that in half and half of it be recycled look at what the city saves, look at what I'm saving, look at what the environment is saving."

Kent Hutchison, director of Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful jumped on board right away. "Each Texan generates about 7 pounds of trash everyday," he knows. He says the issues of convenience and education killed a similar effort years ago. So much has changed, so he's willing to try it again. " We have really got a system where newspaper, cardboard, aluminum cans, everyone steel cans with soup can all be put into one bag."

Some tenants will need convincing more than others. Taylor Strother said, "I'm thinking about all of my friends and we don't really think about it." While Josh Laney said, "Yes I would. Aluminum cans, stuff like that.sure, why not."

The pilot program begins June 1st. Information classes for University Hill tenants will be held on May 23, 25,and 27, but any apartment complex manager is invited to attend to learn more about how to introduce recycling programs.