East Texans Rally Against Illegal Immigration

by Larry Little

Only a few people showed up to the protest march down Timberland in Lufkin Saturday morning, but they were taking a stand against illegal immigration. "If we don't know who is coming across our border then anybody can come across like 9-11," says Lylekay Grimes.

Beverly Collier is the vice president of U.S. Border Watch.   She agrees with these protestors and to show her support, she drove from Houston to be in the Saturday rally against illegal immigration. "U.S. Border Watch goes all over trying to support the different groups. This is not an organized group at the rally, this is just Lufkin citizens fed up with their political leaders not listening to them and they wanted to get their voice out and this how you have to go about it," says Beverly Collier.

The protestors received negative and positive responses as they stood in Kiwanis Park this morning. The protestors also want to clear a misconception about them. "We are not a racist organization. We are not vigilantes like the president has stated. We are just concerned American citizens because if something is not done our country is going to end up like Mexico. It's not about the Mexicans, it's about all illegal immigration. If you would like to come to this country, we'd love to have you, but we would like for you to do it legally," Collier said.

The U.S. Border Watch hopes to help the small East Texas group become better organized in their fight against illegal immigration.