Donna McCollum

Donna McCollum

Donna McCollum produces stories for the weekday newscasts at 5, 6, and 10. Nacogdoches County keeps her busy, but she also covers news stories in adjacent counties.

Ms. McCollum is credited with several Associated Press news writing and newsgathering awards. She received the Texas Association of Broadcasters' Steve Pieringer Award , an award for valor and courage during the pursuit of a news story. Donna has also been given numerous appreciation recognitions from local organizations. She has been named to the TASB (education) Honor Roll, noted for her media coverage by the Nacogdoches Tri-County NAACP Branch and was presented the State Media Award from the Texas Animal Control Association.

Donna grew up in Houston, where she graduated from Memorial High School. She went on to graduate from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos.

When not reporting for the East Texas News, Donna enjoys horseback riding. Donna's other job is at home, keeping up with her husband (KTRE's Marketing Director Mike Wiggins) and their son, Matthew. Homework, Boy Scouts and church activities fill lots of evenings.

Donna is fond of animals. She has a number of pets, all of which were either strays or animals in need of a good home. They include two dogs, a cat, two goats and a horse.

Donna likes to read books about the outdoors and the west. She especially loves Colorado where the family vacations yearly.

Ms. McCollum lives just outside the city of Nacogdoches. When asked what she likes about the "Oldest Town in Texas", Donna replied, "I like the old town charm. The leadership takes pride in the heritage of Nacogdoches, but understands that progress is important. They are careful to control progress, however, to help maintain the unique characteristics of the city. I also enjoy the countryside around Nacogdoches."

She says her most interesting assignments are those that tell a personal story. Frequently, people approach her with their experiences. "They believe no one is really interested in their life. Quite the contrary is true. People like hearing stories about their neighbors and, more times than you think, we all relate to them."

You may e-mail Donna at You can also visit her KTRE Facebook page at this link.