Broilers Die Due To Computer Failure

About 60,000 broilers two days from going to market are dead. This creates a loss of about $30,000 for SFA. And three times that for Pilgrim's Pride.   It all happened very late Saturday night at the SFA broiler farm on Highway 259 north. The electricity went out for a couple of hours. The birds died from overheating.

The state of the art computerized backup and alert systems failed. The system is supposed to sound an alarm so generators can be turned on. There's also an automated phone system that alerts as many as ten locations. That system failed too. All day yesterday the dead birds were covered with dirt according to state guidelines. The financial loss is significant.

Dr. Tim Cherry said, "It's one of those things, we have all this technology and all these environmental control units but we always have to remember you can't always be dependent on modern technology to take care of things." Technicians are coming from Georgia to try and find out what went wrong. Until the problem is fixed SFA's broiler farm will not be provided new birds.