NISD Pleased With TAKS Scores

First there was the hurricane, then the fights among Nacogdoches and New Orleans students, then a superintendent resignation, not to mention several other administrators who had already left. There were distractions in the NISD for everyone. Yet significant gains were made on TAKS scores said Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Peggy Cox. "The principals, the teachers, the students, the parents. This whole community is to be commended for keeping the focus on student achievement."

All the scores are preliminary and subject to change. Scores of hurricane students, as they're called will not be counted in the state report. And the district is still waiting for the fifth grade math scores. But its clear improvements are there. "The last two years we did not meet federal accountability standards because of our English/language arts in 10th grade. This year we're very happy to report the good work the teachers in the 10th grade and the students did we went about 53ish passing rate last year to 78% passing rate this year." Other significant gains were seen in fifth grade science and sixth grade reading. A disappointment was a significant drop in 11th grade science. But all these reports are subject to change.

Graduation is Friday in Nacogdoches. Eighty-six percent of the 386 seniors can participate in ceremonies. Fifty four did not pass the TAKS test. Others did not meet credit requirements.

Students have been put to the test. Now it's time for administrators. This summer they need to hire a superintendent, a transportation director, a chief financial officer, and two high school principals.

TAKS Preliminary Passing Percentages (Available Areas)

Reading/Language Arts

2004-2005          2005-2006
District:76%              82%
3rd:      91%              91%
4th:      67%              78%
5th:      83%              83%
6th:      70%              87%
7th:      80%              74%
8th:      83%              82%
9th:      74%              82%
10th:    55%              79%
11th:    75%              81%


District:87%               90%
4th:      89%               93%
7th:      85%               87%


District:63%               62%
5th:      59%               65%
10th:    53%               59%
11th:    81%               63%

Social Studies

District:85%                82%
8th:      84%                77%
10th:    81%                78%
11th:    93%                91%


District: N/A
3rd:       86%                77%
4th:       81%                74%
6th:       65%                78%
7th:       66%                69%
8th:       60%                65%
9th:       59%                50%
10th:     61%                67%
11th:     83%                76%