School Districts Facing Challenges When Making Budget

Many school districts around East Texas are being hurt by the high cost of fuel and electricity.

In Lufkin, the school budget to cover fuel and power for next year will be about half a million dollars. With little new money coming in, the district will have to make adjustments to make that happen.

The district has until August to come up with a budget solution.

Roy Knight, the Lufkin superintendent, said, "We hope that doesn't mean additional costs or program cuts in other areas, but we just don't know at this point in time.  We've seen a swing in the cost of gasoline from one month to the next as much as a dollar a gallon, as every other consumer we are at the mercy of the market."

The Hudson superintendent said since 80% of their budget is made up of payroll they had to cut six staff members to help make up the cost of increased electricity and fuel expenses.