Somebody's Gotta Do It: Salt and pepper shaker collector

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Back in the early 1980s, Nell Green's son had been in a serious car accident and her spirits were low. That's when she discovered collectable salt and pepper shakers.

They became a great comfort to her. She was able to take her mind off of her troubles and concentrate on finding new and interesting salt and pepper sets. That was twenty four years ago. Today, Green has more than two thousand sets of salt and pepper shakers. They come in all sizes and shapes. They're traditional, unique, odd, commercial and have something to suit almost any taste.

Green has purchased salt and pepper shakers from New York to Texas and she's still going strong. She was on a trip with her sister when she purchased her first set of salt and pepper shakers. It was a set in the shape of smoking pipes. "The day that I saw those pipes..that really got me interested because that was so odd and I thought about my father smoking. I said I'm going to get him the pipes and tell him he can't smoke these because they're salt and pepper shakers," says Green.

Some of the salt and pepper shakers are gifts, but most of them she bought herself. Every piece has a story and holds a treasured memory. "And always when I look at them it just makes me think of how odd they are because you just eat with the spoons and fork." She's talking about her prized spoon and fork set of salt and pepper shakers. Green has salt and pepper shakers that look like hamburgers, candlesticks, Betty Boop, Garfield, watermelon, a kissing couple and the list goes on.

Most people would be happy with just one set of salt and pepper shakers. Not Nell Green. Besides the two thousand plus sets of salt and pepper shakers, she also has another one hundred and fifty single salt and pepper shakers. She makes it crystal clear that they are cherished collectables for display only. "I put them on the table for those occasions but I don't put no salt and pepper in them. When I pass through and look at them, I say my blessing and count my blessing. Lord, I'm just fortunate with them and He keeps blessing me to find different ones. I admire them and cherish them."

No matter where you look or turn in Green's house you'll find salt and pepper shakers on display. So, what happens when she runs out of room? Green says, "I'm adding room for the salt and pepper shakers. They act just like a family. You have to find room for them."

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