Catholic School Students Fill Time Capsule

A Lufkin Catholic school is celebrating a milestone this year. As part of Saint Patrick's half-century anniversary, students and faculty are burying a time capsule filled with memorabilia the school has collected.

A 50th anniversary T-shirt and a letter from the principal to the community are just a couple items that will be buried with the capsule. It'll be opened in 25 years by a new group of students and faculty.

Fourth grade teacher, Brandi Gray said, "In honor of the 50th year, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to be able to collect things from the year that we could share with the future generation of our school. Hopefully, we're gonna grow and have a high school someday, new buildings, new things, and at that time, they will be able to pull it up and see what the school was like at that time."

Snapshots of the school, a school newsletter, $75 savings bond in honor of Saint Patrick's 75th anniversary, and a photo of the soccer team were also placed inside the time capsule.